It is an unprecedented and proven innovation by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson and The Exponential Group for Pregnancy Centers that provides a God-focused, God-driven, comprehensive, multi-media fundraising experience that seeks to achieve for your Center more funds raised than you ever thought possible at your annual event while also giving your supporters something unique and special to experience in 2013 that they will likely never forget. (more...)

Our comprehensive program is a new paradigm from the way fundraising banquets have been operated before. We provide a presenter for the evening that is highly effective, proven and personally trained by Dr. Wilkinson with his revolutionary message and method so that they can produce the exponential results that he has been able to achieve.

This message and method includes a powerful testimonial video segment, a thought-provoking video presentation, attendance boosters and donor 'thank you' gifts. All designed to help you exponentially increase your giving.

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In order to serve as many centers as possible and raise the most funds as possible for the pregnancy movement, the Exponential Group took a bold step and launched The Great Turnaround. The mission of The Great Turnaround is to "Raise $100,000,000 to save 100,000 lives." (more...)

In Luke 19, Jesus did not reward the one who held back in fear (after all, it is not our money), but he rewarded the one who yielded the highest return. Our projections are reliable and based upon our very documented history. When Centers begin to exercise the faith to shift focus from the cost of services to the return on the investment, they will experience wonderful financial results. Think about it. If you could invest $100 to get a $200 return, or invest $200 to get a $500 return, which one would you chose? Weighing cost against the benefits is good stewardship, and can help make a wise business decision.

In 2011, the Exponential Group conducted 60 banquets, raising millions of dollars for Centers like yours! The Exponential Group strategizes to do everything possible to maximize the NET income after the fundraising event is held. The "net" refers to the money left over after all of the expenses have been paid. We've built an entirely new innovative approach to fundraising banquets that we've been testing with spectacular results. This year, we want to help even more by raising $100 million for Pregnancy Centers!

The Great Turnaround is an entire, systematic and comprehensive program which is not based upon a name speaker but which utilizes a trained Presenter to apply the Exponential Fundraising system that Dr. Wilkinson has developed over the past 30 years. These are biblical principles that work, and they connect your donors to specific amounts and goals that you have specified and prayerfully considered with our Presenter and Representative during the very important meeting the day of the event. These needs are strategically tied into the message.

We've initiated programs to raise Strategic Partners - Level 1 from the national average of $115 up to $300. We've implemented a mid-range program for those who would give $1,200 or more. In the previous years, banquets averaged from 2 to 15 givers of $1,200. With the Strategic Partners - Level 2 "Thank You" gift, centers are averaging from 50 to 150 people giving $1,000 or more! And this is in over 50 centers.

Our recent track record of seeing God use Bruce Wilkinson and his team raise over 40 million dollars is a key motivating factor in Pregnancy Centers having the Great Turnaround partner with them to reach their local community. Won't you let us help you raise more money so you can do more more ministry in the year ahead of you?

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Deltona, FL

Giving Increase:
Houston, TX

Giving Increase:
Wooster, OH

Giving Increase:
Salisbury, MD

Giving Increase:
Marysville, CA

Giving Increase:
Houston, TX

Giving Increase:
Revere, MD

Giving Increase:
Pottsville, PA

Giving Increase:
St. Port Lucie, FL

Giving Increase:
Flint, MI

Giving Increase:

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Event Location Last Year With Us
Deltona, FL$130$235
Houston, TX$331$510
Wooster, OH$56$254
Salisbury, MD$74$225
* averages


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"We have now received pledges for more than $257,500! Our heads are still spinning, and we are having meetings to make sure we stay focused on our goal of saving at least twice as many lives this year, ... (more)"

-- Judi Davis
- Pregnancy Resource Center
Douglasville, GA

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