As a Donor, you have a lot of possibilities when it comes to where you can donate your financial gifts or time. The reason you are visiting our website, The Great Turnaround, is you most likely have a growing interest in learning more of how you can be more involved to the cause of saving lives and actively prevent the death of the unborn within the radius of your local community. You care. And you're looking for solutions. (more...)

The reason your local Pro-life Pregnancy Center exists is because they can specialize in reaching those pregnant women in ways that you or your local church are not equipped to do so, be it the counseling staff or the latest ultra-sound equipment with trained medical specialists. And their outreach is in the name our Lord with tangible, practical help, hope and a message of God's love.

Our focus at the Great Turnaround is to help your local Pro-life preganacy Center increase its fundraising totals in order to fulfill the calling on their ministry. When they have more financial resources to save babies it is fulfilling the desire of those who have given. When everyone does what they are able to, together we can make a big difference.


We have listed 5 practical ways, you as a Donor can have more practical ways of doing more for the Pro-life Movement in your local area. We encourage you to also view the brief video testimonies found on this page to hear the what other Donors, like yourself, had to say about their journey of helping their local Pro-life Centers. (click each step below to discover more!)

  • Adopt a Local Center
    Choose a Pro-life Center you can "Adopt". There might be more than one within a 30-mile radius of you, but deciding on one will keep it simple and more personal.

  • Attend & Pledge At An Annual Fundraising Banquet
    Commit to attend and pledge financially to that year's fundraising event/banquet.

  • Volunteer
    Seek ways you could volunteer your time and talent to your "Adopted" Center. Whether it's only one hour a month or even more, your center has needs that you can meet as a volunteer. What a great way to get to know and see your "Adopted" ministry in a more personal way!
  • Prayer Support
    Everyone has a prayer time, and knows of other prayer groups, prayer chain or some form of practical ongoing prayer efforts they know about within their church or elsewhere. Listing your "Adopted" center as one group to be regularly prayed for will make a spiritual impact that God will bless. Receiving the Center's newsletter will provide you practical things to pray about as you seek ways to help them through prayer.
  • Get The GTA Newsletter
    The Great Turnaround E-Newsletter is filled with facts and information about how Centers around America are united to increase their fundraising levels to historic levels. It reveals how God is truly blessing these efforts! Getting this Newsletter email for yourself and sharing it with 3 local friends is a tangible, practical and informative way of furthering this worthy cause.

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In order to serve as many centers as possible and raise the most funds as possible for the pregnancy movement, the Exponential Group took a bold step and launched The Great Turnaround. The mission of The Great Turnaround is to "Raise $100,000,000 to save 100,000 lives."

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Supporting your local center through prayer is a great way to get involved. Prayer has the power to move mountains, and some of the hurdles that your local pregnancy center may be facing probably seem like mountains to them. Please pray that God will help your local center fulfill any needs that they may have.


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