Surprised by God's call in 2008, Dr. Wilkinson began partnering with Pregnancy Center's for their Annual Fundraising Events. After the results and reactions from the first four Events, Dr. Wilkinson knew that God wanted him to focus all of his energy toward helping in this powerful ministry.

It didn't take long for Centers to begin hearing about the results of God's hand on Dr. Wilkinson's efforts and his speaking schedule started filling up fast. As in his past, Bruce realized that he is only one man and can only speak at a limited number of events each Spring and Fall. His heart was to multiply himself - his God-given message and the method of delivering a unique program for the Center's Fundraising Events. That's how the Exponential Group came about - a team to help him multiply himself was taking shape.


As you man know, when Dr. Wilkinson believes God has called him to do something, he commits himself to the call whole heartedly. Each decade, Dr. Wilkinson has partnered with God in something with profound and Exponential Results (Walk Thru the Bible, The CoMission, and Heart for Africa). In this new season, it has become clear that God's heart is burden for those working faithfully to help women and unborn babies. With God's anointing, Dr. Wilkinson has raised over 45 million dollars for PRC's in just 12 months (only 9 months of actual events).

After spending countless hours with Directors and Board Members, Dr. Wilkinson was moved to create a way for Centers to have the funds they need to complete the work they have been called to do and reach a level yet to be reached. One of the common questions Dr. Wilkinson receives after the Event is, "Where do we go from here?" and "How can we repeat this night?"

Those questions are exactly the ones Dr. Wilkinson has answered in offering The Great Turnaround which will result in $100,000,000 for the purpose of saving 100,000 babies.


With Dr. Wilkinson's unique ability to infuse the vision and anointing God has given him into others who are called and willing, Bruce Wilkinson Ministries and The Exponential Group will work together with Pregnancy Centers all across the Nation in 2013 to experience this historic moment. In 2011, the Exponential Group conducted 60 banquets. For 2012, that number doubled to 121 centers. We expect this trend to continue in 2013. You may be wondering how such growth that could be possible in such a limited amount of time. The answer may surprise you: The Exponential Group is not personality-driven but principle-driven. (more...)

For over 40 years Dr. Wilkinson has implemented the same Biblical principles in a wide variety of different ministry ventures, all with the same exponential results. Why? Because God's principles practiced in God's way deliver predictable results.

Biblical truth can transform if it is communicated effectively, with the power of God—by a wide variety of different communicators. That's why Jesus didn't remain the only communicator of Biblical truth, but trained a dozen different individuals to teach His material across the world and then told them to train other "faithful" individuals to continue passing that truth on and on and on.

The Exponential Group implements God's brilliant strategy—that's why the Great Turnaround isn't dependent on a personality, but based upon an inspired Biblical principle. Just like Dr. Wilkinson developed the Walk Thru the Bible seminars and then trained thousands to teach it with excellence across the world, so also he is currently training a hand-selected Exponential Speaker's Team to present the same powerful message at every Great Turnaround event… in order to achieve exponential results.

We stand at an amazing opportunity that will affect both heaven and earth in ways far beyond our ability to estimate or grasp this side of eternity. And we are committed to achieving The Great Turnaround on a national scale with God's power and for His glory.


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Deltona, FL

Giving Increase:
Houston, TX

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Wooster, OH

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Salisbury, MD

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Marysville, CA

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Houston, TX

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Revere, MD

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Pottsville, PA

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St. Port Lucie, FL

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Flint, MI

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Event Location Last Year With Us
Deltona, FL$130$235
Houston, TX$331$510
Wooster, OH$56$254
Salisbury, MD$74$225
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"On October 21, 2014, the Pregnancy Care Center of Wooster, Ohio held its 26th annual "Friends For Life Banquet". Our guest speaker was Don Munn of GTA Ministries. ... (more)"

-- Karen Noe
Executive Director - Pregnancy Care Center
Wooster, OH

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