Why should our Center join The Great Turnaround?
To be a part of a unique and historic opportunity for your Center to share in a national movement and celebration for Pregnancy Centers when $100,000,000 will be raised. Your part of the $100,000,000 will impact your Center by strengthening your ability to fulfill the mission God has called you to do and to connect donors across America to your heart.
What is The Great Turnaround Program?
It is an unprecedented and proven innovation by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson and The Exponential Group for Pregnancy Centers that provides 3 different revolutionary messages with a God-focused, God-driven, comprehensive, multi-media fundraising experience that seeks to achieve for your Center more funds raised than you ever thought possible at your annual event while also giving your supporters something unique and special to experience that they will likely never forget.
How is The Great Turnaround Program unique? How much does it cost?
It comes to you tailor-made for the mission and purpose of your evening. We provide promotional tools for you to advertise to the community and churches what your place is in The Great Turnaround. We provide an entire program (1 hour and 15 minutes) for your event complete with a powerful testimonial video segment, a thought-provoking video presentation, attendance boosters and donor 'thank you' gifts, a Christ-centered, pro-life message by one of Dr. Wilkinson's personally trained Exponential Presenters, a unique, efficient, and effective ask process, and an exciting way to know just how much funds were given/pledged that evening resulting in a celebration for what God has accomplished for your Center. The fee for this portion of the program is $7,500.
Why is your program so successful and the results so consistent?
It is the unique combination of the message and the method. The compelling and moving messages are woven together with our Exponential Fundraising method resulting in the donors having a greater connection to God's heart for women and babies and a desire to give at greater levels than they may have originally thought.

Recent letter from a prominent businessman who attended the event:

"I hated to go to fundraisers. My wife had pretty much forced me to go that evening. I am very skeptical of fundraiser type people, and I was THE biggest critic in the room. I had written a check for $50 because my wife told me she wouldn't allow me to give nothing. As I sat there, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, 'You are very ungrateful, son.' I was convicted in my heart about my own children, the sanctity of life, etc. I pulled out another blank check that I had in my wallet and wrote another check for $1150. That message was the best I had ever heard and God moved mightily."
What is so special about the Exponential Fundraising method?
The Great Turnaround is an entire, systematic and comprehensive program which is not based upon a name speaker but which utilizes a trained Presenter to apply the Exponential Fundraising system that Dr. Wilkinson has developed over the past 30 years. These are biblical principles that work, and they connect your donors to specific amounts and goals that you have specified and prayerfully considered with our Presenter and Representative during the very important meeting the day of the event. These needs are strategically tied into the message.
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Who pays for these 'Thank You' gifts?
Within our partnership, we share the cost of providing these gifts to your donors. There is no cost to your center up front. The cost to your center is directly connected to the specific quantities of each level utilized.
Can we opt out of the Donor Appreciation Program?
No. Our latest research indicates that large donations are on the decline due to many economic factors. The Donor Appreciation Program, when combined with the message, is THE key factor in encouraging donors to rise to higher levels of giving (See Chart of DAPs impact on the NET of your banquet). Note: Within our program, the DAP is not "packaged" or communicated as an exchange ("You give us this, and we will give you that"). Throughout the message, the donor's heart is already prepared to give at the highest level possible for your mission and purposes. The Thank You gift is presented at the end of the ask and is connected to the level they choose to give. Each gift is connected to the levels of giving which are stated throughout the message.
Why are you using Bruce Wilkinson materials to assist in the Donor Appreciation Program portion of your overall fundraising method?
Having sold over 20 million books, including 5 New York Times bestsellers, Dr. Wilkinson has an established positive reputation within your donor base. All of Dr. Wilkinson's Bible teaching and training tools are designed to add spiritual value and lasting life change. When offered to your donors, you are strengthening the bond with your center and assisting in strengthening the spiritual growth of your donors and beyond.

Although we share the cost with you, if we did not have access to products that were readily available and less than wholesale cost, this program would not be financially feasible for either of us within our partnership. The result would be considerably less money raised at your event (See Donor Appreciation Program Impact).
What if we feel we can't afford The Great Turnaround?
Make sure to talk with your Regional Ministry Consultant for creative ideas to make this happen for your center in 2013. Our organization is confident that you will be richly blessed through this partnership; therefore, we have options/ideas in place to make this a legitimate option for your 2013 fundraising event.
Do you have any promotional material for us to share how our Center is involved in The Great Turnaround?
Yes. Once The Great Turnaround partners with your center, you will be provided effective marketing materials.
Who receives the money the night of the banquet? Does it go to your organization and then back to us based on the overall goal of $100 million?
All of the money raised at your event goes directly to your center. Our purpose with you is to maximize your purpose and ability to fulfill your heart's mission. Our relentless goal is to provide for you and give your donors a night they will not soon forget.


Any reflections looking back on 2012 with The Great Turnaround?
To God be the Glory! It really was an amazing 2012.

The Great Turnaround organization became more effective in serving Centers with its creation of a new interactive website, its newly formed Faculty of National Speakers, an informative Newsletter highlighting Center successes and answers to ongoing questions, new innovative tools, program videos and promotional tools to help Centers raise more money than ever before.

God blessed our partner Pregnancy Center's in so many ways. First, financially, with over $24 million dollars collectively raised with 121 Centers! Secondly, the Centers had a renewed focus on their primary purpose - saving more babies, which will be impacting their communities even more in 2013. Their Donors had a greater biblical understanding and motivation to help their Center's pro-life goals.

Space does not really afford me the chance to share all that 2012 held so to get the bigger picture I suggest you visit the various pages on our website - there's so much that happened and is happening!
Is deciding to partner with GTA easier with the new Board Packet?
Yes - and we are very excited about this new tool which was created for both Directors and Board Members.

For Center Directors, as they seek to easily inform their Board about The Great Turnaround. For Board Members, as they want to know the answers to fundamental questions about GTA in order to make an informed decision when it comes to possibly partnering with us.

The Board Packet covers 4 major questions that are most asked by Board Members around the country. We know Directors will want to use it in their decision process as they direct their Board toward their Fundraising Event solutions.
Why is your website's great new tool, the Calculator, so popular?
I think its simplicity of use and its quickness to reveal vital information is what makes it so popular.

Center Directors or Board Members who are considering partnering with The Great Turnaround simply can enter a few facts about their last year's Fundraising Event (without GTA) and the Calculator will quickly show them what would have occurred at their Event had they been partnered with The Great Turnaround!

It really is amazing to see those figures right before your eyes! It makes one think about the implications to what their past produced and what their future Event could be like - if they partnered with us.

The Calculator is found on our Financial Track Record page on our website:
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The demand for more GTA Speakers is increasing, are you training more?
Yes, the demand for the GTA Speakers is growing rapidly. In fact, at the current growth rate, the Great Turnaround team will conduct 5 times the events this fall (September-November 2012) in comparison to this past spring (February-May 2012). As word continues to spread among the directors of the quality of our services that growth continues—it appears that 2013 may double again! Our team deeply appreciates the honor of partnering with centers across America.
What 2 Tips would you give Centers about serving meals prior to the program starting?
The more professional and well-run the event, the greater the donor confidence and likelihood of substantial donations. The two most important tips I can offer is to serve the food within the first 10 minutes of the event, even while the people are still eating their salads. Do not collect any plates until after the event, and have the coffee pitchers already on the table with all service ending the moment the program begins.

The second tip is to recognize that the primary purpose of the event is to raise the funds for your annual budget—and to have everything carefully prepared to further that single goal. Too many centers try to jam a whole range of activities into the evening and "tack-on" the fund-raising at the end as almost a necessary evil. The banquet is a fund-raising banquet—and centers to realize that are the ones most successful—the most successful raise their entire annual budget for the year at that night!
What role does The Great Turnaround play in meeting the Center's Board?
Unlike the majority of "outside speakers" who show up, give their speech, and then move on, the Great Turnaround Team is fully committed to the financial success of the centers longterm—seeking to raise the maximum funds at the event and then years into the future. The Center's Board is key to the success of the director and the organization--the 2 hour luncheons have proven to be revolutionary to most centers. Our GTA Speakers utilize the highly effective "GTA Board Portfolio" which often leads to a major breakthrough for the organization. We are currently involved in developing the Portfolio to the next level which will be launched shortly. As many have commented, The Exponential Group continually seeks innovations and improvements to maximize our service to the Centers—just check out the latest 5 major innovations on tour website!
Why do you recommend the book "Why Pro-life" (by Randy Acorn)?
Most people haven't read a book on the Pro-Life issue, and after reviewing the major literature, I found Randy Alcorn's book, Why Pro-Life to be the best small but succinct book in the marketplace. I've know Randy Alcorn for over 25 years and always appreciated his thorough and Biblical writings.
What are 2 ways that Board Members can help promote their Center's Event?
The most successful way for a Board Member to help promote their Center's Event is through taking responsibility to fill a table or "row" (at the popular non-dinner events) with their friends and business acquaintances. The second most successful way to promote their annual fund-raising event is to give an announcement in their church regarding the event as well as distributing the brochures in the bulletins and Sunday school classes.
Who is Joel Milligan and how can he help Directors?
Joel Milligan is the heart of the Great Turnaround service team at the Exponential Group. As Director of Service, Joel is known across America as a loyal servant who stands ready to serve in every way possible to maximize the success of every Center's annual fund-raising event.

Joel is the personal Service Coordinator for all Centers who are inviting one of our National Speakers as their guest presenter. He will be contacting each of the Centers personally and has provided a Center Login Page on our website, exclusively for the Centers he services. Be sure to see Joel's photo and personal welcome message at that location! On his page he's provided Q&A's, media tools and downloads of documents needed Before, During and After a Center's Event! Call or email Joel anytime with your questions.
How important is it for Centers to increase their attendance at their Fundraising Events with The Great Turnaround?
As startling as it may seem in contrast to the "standard thinking in the market," the Great Turnaround is paving new territory with the 10 speaker's remarkable and consistent performance. On average, if a person attends a GTA event, they will donate more than $520 per person. That's over $1,000 per couple! Although the normal thinking is that "be careful" who attends and "carefully limit" your attendance—the power of the Great Turnaround Message in both Year #1 program and Year #2 program has been consistent. Over $520 per person. Because of that, numerous centers this Spring raised their entire annual budget through their banquet.

Take a moment and consider what you are reading. Every person averages over $500 all Spring long. If the attendance at the banquet was 300, they raised an average of over $150,000. If they brought another 100 people to the banquet, they would have raised an additional $50,000. With the compelling Great Turnaround message delivered by one of the many GTA presenters, attendance makes all the difference! Obviously, however, if you can attract more individuals from the higher income bracket, then you can even increase over the $500 per person average as a number of centers averaged $600, $700, $800, $900, and over $1,000 this Spring.
Who is Troy Fairly and why is it important for Directors & Board Members to visit his new section on your website entitled "Troy's Answers To Common Questions."?
Although every center is unique, the same questions and reservations surface at every single center. The person who knows the questions and the answers is Troy Fairley—and his answers are straightforward, complete, and very helpful. For centers who are tired of an average of $200 a person and would like to raise to the GTA average of $500, then viewing "Troy's Answers of Common Questions" is a must. Don't waste time imagining or guessing the answers when you can have the answers right at your fingertips throughout the GTA website and Troy's Answers. Whatever you do, don't think that there isn't a solid and satisfying answer to your staff and board's questions. After all, we've raised more than $40,000,000 in only 2 and 1/2 years and helped over 125 centers.
Why are your Faculty Speakers being so blessed by God at events around the country?
The blessings of God often follow a predictable pattern. As I wrote in the best-seller, Beyond Jabez, the Bible reveals five different types of blessings. Some blessings are earned through obedience or service while others are simply granted by grace—either because God elected to pour out His blessing or because we simply asked and He responded just because we asked (as Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount). The incredible blessings that we are experiencing and enjoying at the Great Turnaround are the result of our obedience to God and our prayers for His abundant blessings on the centers we serve.

Whenever any of us focuses on "What does God want done in this situation" and then pursues doing that very thing for God in a way that pleases Him, you can anticipate God's blessings on your efforts: God strongly desires that His unborn are rescued from abortion—so we know that we are right in the center of His will by doing so. The Bible reveals that "wisdom cries out" from the marketplace—regarding how to conduct our work so that we enjoy maximum results from "His Hand." By applying that wisdom and by partnering with speakers who have a heart for God and His unborn—and who desire to serve pregnancy centers by raising funds for them—the blessings of God have been richly enjoyed banquet after banquet!
Your organization provides much more than just a "speaker" at fundraisers. How so?
I'll never forget the first few times I spoke at a pregnancy center banquet and asked to tour their center, meet with their staff, and then meet with their board of directors for a couple of hours.

Time after time the directors responded, "Your approach to extend your input and influence beyond just the speaking portion of the Event is quite unique and highly welcomed!"

If you have ever had a Great Turnaround event—you know firsthand that we truly partner with you and your team before, during, and after the events. Our success depends on whether or not we have raised more money than you ever have before. And, to this point, that's what is occurring, banquet after banquet (see below).
Centers inviting The Great Turnaround are receiving 2-3 times over what they received from donors the year before - where is that verified? (Includes Spring 2012 Results!)

Just minutes ago, I received an email from the GTA Executive Director, Jill Milligan with the summary chart of the Great Turnaround events from February-April 2012. In looking down the scores of events—I could't help but thank the Lord for His abundant blessings on the Great Turnaround.

Board Presidents and Center Directors inevitably shake their head in near unbelief at what occurred at their banquets. Over and over again we hear, "You know, we studied all the results of what happened in other centers on your website and through conversations with directors who already had the Great Turnaround event—but we just couldn't believe it happened to us!"

As you may know, we purposefully innovated a dramatic new approach to fund-raising with the Great Turnaround: Instead of a "speaker" we developed a powerful "message" and then selected key leaders and trained them in the Exponential Fund-Raising System.

The only way to really know if something is truly working isn't by the stories and anecdotes but by the hard facts—the numbers. So let's take a look at some numbers—6 specifics and then the Spring totals:

Here are the six different dates, different centers, different states, different sizes of centers, and different GTA speakers. Read for yourself what happened when you compare last year's banquet total donations to the the GTA banquet total donations, and the percentage increase:

Date:Location:Speaker:Previous Year:With Us:Increase:
3/01Women's Care CenterSteven Lester$75,886$130,859172% more donations
3/12Life Services of SpokaneBridgett Van Means$52,763$544,1981031% more donations
3/23Care Net PCHudson Ann Gainey$61,849$100,935163% more donations
4/17Women's ChoiceDave Everett$66,000$100,160152% more donations
4/19Care Net of BorgerSusan Baldwin$38,350$78,955206% more donations
4/24Pregnancy Care CenterBecky Turner$49,100$175,932358% more donations

So, what's the total for all the February-April Spring Great Turnaround events?

  • All the centers combined averaged $75,976 the banquet the year before the GTA event
  • All the centers combined (with 10 different presenters) who partnered with GTA averaged $215,786!
  • That's an incredible average of almost $150,000 more funds available for ministry!
  • All the centers combined had an average per person donation the previous year of $204 (approximately $400 per giving unit)
  • All the centers combined (with 10 different presenters) who partnered with GTA averaged $523 (approximately $1040 per giving unit)
  • That's an average of over $600 more per giving unit when centers partner with the Great Turnaround!

If a pregnancy center in America is serious about reaching more women and rescuing more unborn children and need more funds to do so, then the Great Turnaround may be for you! By the way, 25% of the centers experienced the joy of having their entire annual budget raised at the Great Turnaround event—none had ever experienced anything like that in their history.

What continues to surprise you at Fundraisers?
What continues to surprise me at the fund-raising events is that God is supernaturally breaking through at every center, time after time. The current results have validated that this is His Great Turnaround, not ours. Just three days ago at the most recent banquet, the average donation to the center grew from an average of $400 per giving unit to $1,040. No matter how many times I watch the "Hand of God" intervene, I am always awed by His power.
What are Center's Board's mainly talking to you about?
After interacting with more than 100 Board of Directors for 1.5 to 4.5 hours, over 80% of the Boards state that our Exponential Organizational Consulting in how to break out of their stalled or minimal growth pattern has been truly revolutionary. Centers break out of the minimum growth of 02-10% and dozens of centers now are rescuing 50%-150% more women and babies than the year before. It's not uncommon for the directors and Board Chairs to state that these Exponential breakthroughs were more life changing than even the historic amount of funds that were raised.
Why are so many Centers contacting you about The Great Turnaround?
The consistent extraordinary results of the Great Turnaround events have finally broken through the widespread unbelief in the marketplace. Centers were convinced that our fund-raising success could not be duplicated or transferred to our 10 person GTA speaker team but limited just to myself. Now that our Great Turnaround speaker team has also consistently broken fund-raising records time after time--centers across America are contacting us saying, "The facts are undeniable--We want to share in God's abundant financial blessings too!".


Stay informed with the latest from The Great Turnaround! Find Events, Updates, Fundraiser Statistics, Q&A and more in each monthly issue.



Deltona, FL

Giving Increase:
Houston, TX

Giving Increase:
Wooster, OH

Giving Increase:
Salisbury, MD

Giving Increase:
Marysville, CA

Giving Increase:
Houston, TX

Giving Increase:
Revere, MD

Giving Increase:
Pottsville, PA

Giving Increase:
St. Port Lucie, FL

Giving Increase:
Flint, MI

Giving Increase:

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Event Location Last Year With Us
Deltona, FL$130$235
Houston, TX$331$510
Wooster, OH$56$254
Salisbury, MD$74$225
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"We were hesitant to use the Bruce Wilkinson program, it was a real departure from our normal event. Then we shared a meal during our board meeting with our speaker, Susan Baldwin, and we knew we made ... (more)"

-- Kort Dixon
Board Member - Eastern Shore PRC
Salisbury, MD

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