The Great Turnaround has a National Speakers Team of highly qualified individuals that God is using around the country. It's exciting to see the continued exponential results that started with Dr. Wilkinson be passed on to these dedicated speakers! The results with this Team have been truly amazing with God's outpouring of blessing - bringing donations in at 2 to 3X over what Center's experienced the year before.

While each speaker brings his/her unique style and individual background and experience to bear on the event, all are trained to present the same program material in the same fashion as developed and presented by Dr. Wilkinson.

Additional faculty are being added to this National Speakers Team, so please check back often to review this listing.


The Great Turnaround offers multiple messages, listed by year in the selections below. Click a message for more information.

Year 1: Heal the Father's Heart

The Father's Heart is a tender and revealing Father-Child message. The approach is personal and intimate, touching the heart and the emotions. After showing scripturally how valuable each person is to the Father, the anguish of heaven is exposed about those whose intended destinies are prematurely aborted.

Historical and Biblical examples are given to illustrate the turmoil in the heart of the Father. The audience is led into the Heavenly Throne room in prayer and challenged to ask the Father Himself what He would have them to do. This is a powerful and motivational action that opens the hearts and wallets of the donors by focusing on giving funds directly to the Heavenly Father as He speaks.

Year 2: Stand in the Gap for Life

Stand In The Gap is the most action-oriented message. Stand in the Gap focuses on God’s searching for committed believers to intervene directly for Him on behalf of those who are vulnerable and being led away to the slaughter” (Proverbs 24). Ezekiel 22 is a direct call of God to stand in the gap, and this is a message that moves us from passivity to activism. It boldly challenges donors to trade their money now to rescue the innocent from death tomorrow.

Year 3: Rescue the Next Generation

Rescue The Next Generation carries a powerful and profound message that has been proven in the marketplace for more than 25 years. The message has been presented to stadiums of 60,000, university campuses, mega-churches and major national conferences—all with remarkable impact. With great excitement, the Great Turnaround announces that your center can experience this moving and life-changing message—uniquely tailored to your donors, staff, and board.

Touching the deeply felt concern of all Americans, Rescue the Next Generation reaches the heart of everyone with the illustrated presentation of the “Three Chairs” message. Within minutes, everyone’s heart focuses on the eternal impact of their lives on the next generation.

Every Biblical passage and personal illustration builds toward the climax, gently inviting everyone to rise up and Rescue the Next Generation. The response is immediate and heartfelt. When this truth is experienced, your audience will want to do their part—helping you rescue many more unborn for the next generation. Not only will your donations increase, but the depth of donor commitment will be solidified for years to come.


Established upon Biblical principles, and proven across 40+ years of solid results from Dr. Bruce Wilkinson's successful ventures/partnerships, we are serious about helping centers save lives. Browse our message brochure to learn more about the messages we offer!


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Below you will find each speaker's personal bio, along with what "Message Title" they are available to speak on.

Barbara Peacock

Providence Ministries
Flies Out Of:
Charlotte, NC

Barbara L. Peacock is a Christian author, teacher, spiritual leader and speaker. Providence Ministries, which began in 1996, is committed to developing disciples through teaching, praying, discipling, spiritual direction and (more...) soul care. Barbara is the leading author for C.A.L.L.E.D. To Teach (Commissioned As Leaders, Learners, Educators and Disciples), a book designed to develop leaders and teachers.

Previously Barbara served as Minister of Discipleship and Prayer at The Park Church, Charlotte, NC. Her 14 years of servant leadership included oversight for youth and children, college students, couples, new members, vacation Bible school, Sunday school, Bible study, prayer, counseling, mentoring and African American history. As a result of these experiences she is comfortable lecturing, preaching, teaching, facilitating, counseling, coaching, doing workshops and providing spiritual direction. Barbara’s passion for souls and seeing lives transformed is evident in her ministry.

Barbara received her Bachelor of Science degree from North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC; her Master of Arts Degree from Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey; and her Doctor of Ministry degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, MA. Barbara’s doctoral focus was Spiritual Formation.

Some of the boards Dr. Peacock has served on are: ECO (Energy Committed To Offenders), Charlotte Awake, Women in Ministry International and MACEA (Mid-Atlantic Christian Education Association). She has also served as Christian Education Director for American Baptist Churches of the South and Chaplain for the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association).

Barbara has been married to her husband Gilbert for 35 years. They are the owners of Freedom Financial Advantage, LLC. The Peacocks are the blessed parents of Vernee, who resides with her husband Michael, and their daughter Eden in Roslindale, MA.

Becky Turner

KBT Consulting
Flies Out Of:
Lakeland, FL

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Becky Turner is the President of KBT Consulting and serves non-profits in strategic planning and development. She is the Development Director for The Source for Women and the managing (more...) partner at The Barnabas Group. Becky’s heart is to “see the Kingdom of God advanced, especially in the areas of personal financial giving and discipleship,” a passion evident in all she does.

Since serving as a national presenter for The Great Turnaround, Becky raised almost $3 million at 19 events in 2012 and 2013 to save babies. Becky is particularly gifted at helping maximize commitments per person by speaking truthfully about life with both clarity and grace.

In the 2000’s, Becky was the Executive Director at LifeHouse in Houston, Texas, and she is particularly proud of revamping the team’s ministry model and reopening the maternity home in 2006. Prior to that, she served as the Development Director for Georgia Right to Life and then Texas Right to Life, where she more than quadrupled their income in just four years’ time. Becky also served as a missionary in Moscow.

Becky is quick to say how grateful she is for the work God has done in her life. She has come a long way from the end of her rope and is honored to be used by God to fight for the sanctity of life.

Charles Flowers

Senior Pastor
Faith Outreach Center, International
Flies Out Of:
San Antonio, TX

Charles Flowers took on his first pastorate role in 1991 at Faith Outreach Center in San Antonio, Texas. He significantly grew the youth ministry and served the church as trainer, counselor, and associate pastor. In 2001, he became senior pastor (more...) and now leads a congregation of over 400 members.

Prior to becoming a pastor, Charles served as a member of the United States Air Force as a logistics management specialist and professional military education instructor.

In 1995, Charles took his love for the military environment and founded Love Demonstrated Ministries International Christian Boot Camp, developing a curriculum and staff that served up to 2,000 students. For two years, he directed the Christian Military Academy, using respect for authority, personal discipline, Biblical instruction, and team sports to “unleash the power of God” into the lives of middle school and high school students.

Since 2008, Charles has served as the President of the Gathering of Pastors and Leaders, as well as the President of the San Antonio Association of Churches. He graduated from Logos Bible College in 1994.

Charles has been married to his wife, Janice, for over 30 years. They have four grown children and two grandchildren.

David Wilkinson

The Global Equipping Centre
Flies Out Of:
Chicago, IL

David Wilkinson is a renowned speaker and consultant in the realms of government, business, church, and ministry fields. After receiving his B.A. in Biblical Studies from William Jennings Bryan College, and a M.A. from Dallas Theological Seminary (more...) In Christian Education, he pursued avenues in developing curriculum and training Pastors and Christian Leaders regarding exponential and visionary leadership principles. His courses have impacted leaders on every continent of the world. Entrepreneurial in nature, he currently serves as the CEO of The Global Equipping Centre. The company offers motivational speaking, one day seminars, strategic planning session, business consulting and executive coaching in the business and ministry sectors.

Because of his father, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson (Author of The Prayer of Jabez and Dream Giver) Africa opened its doors and not being able to by-pass such a strategic opportunity, he moved to South Africa for 7 years. While in Africa he launched the Never-Ending Garden movement which planted over 500,000 gardens in less than 3 years, recruiting over 2,500 Americans to assist and raised millions of dollars for poverty alleviation.

He has spoken in over 20 countries in churches, conferences and in various locations where people desire to experience revival in their everyday life in addition to training Fortune 500 Executives and speaking at an International Academic Conference where he presented 7 major papers bringing both the theoretical and the practical together with an innovative flare. He is currently living in Charlotte,N.C. with his wife and children.

Dennis Nunn

Founder and President
Every Believer a Witness Ministries
Flies Out Of:
Atlanta, GA

Dennis Nunn is the Founder and President of Every Believer a Witness Ministries, an evangelism training ministry in Dallas, GA. He has spoken in hundreds of churches across America to groups ranging in size from dozens to thousands.
For 20 years, Dennis was an instructor for Walk Thru the Bible Ministries, where he twice received the President’s Award as Walk Thru's #1 ranked instructor. Bruce Wilkinson calls Dennis a "master teacher".

Dennis heart is stirred by Proverbs 31:8, "Open your mouth for the speechless, In the cause of all who are appointed to die." Dennis speaks with passion and conviction about doing all we can to save the lives of unborn children.

A native of North Carolina, Dennis and his wife, Jane, now live in the metro Atlanta area. They have three children and five grandchildren.

Dennis Rima

Development Director
The Clarity Clinic
Flies Out Of:
Dubuque, IA

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Dennis Rima has served as the Development Director at The Clarity Clinic in Dubuque, Iowa since 2007. A member of the American Fundraising Professionals, he oversees the fund development (more...) of this growing center in the Midwest, coordinating—and even emceeing!—the annual fundraising banquet. With his earnest spirit and contagious enthusiasm, Dennis has helped lead The Clarity Clinic to significantly increased donations as he encourages others to join him in being “a voice for the voiceless.”

A team player through and through, Dennis has been a baseball coach for over two decades. He began his professional career as an elementary school P.E. teacher and eventually became the Assistant Athletic Director at the University of Dubuque. After a few years as a school principal, Dennis felt the Lord calling him to a different kind of ministry and joined The Clarity Clinic. He still teaches part-time at the University of Dubuque and enjoys being the PA announcer at the football and basketball games.

Dennis, father of three, has been married to his wife, Julie, for 13 years.

Don Munn

Lead Pastor
Restoration Church
Flies Out Of:
Atlanta, GA

Don Munn has a gift for casting a vision—and leading the charge to make it happen. As a pastor to a diverse and thriving Atlanta church for nearly 30 years, Don is both a trusted counselor and a strategic leader who clearly sees the potential (more...) in people and situations. Don lead capital campaigns that took the landlocked church to a strategic growth area in Atlanta, in addition to planting campus expansion programs in three states. During this time, he also counseled many through crisis and post-abortion trauma. Don brings the same compassion and clear vision to everything he does, and has a keen insight into the spiritual dynamic of the pro-life movement.

Don is a trusted and forthright mentor, coach, and friend—not just to individuals, but also to countless pastors and church leaders. He has been blessed with a gift for motivational speaking, and has taught everywhere from church conferences to marriage workshops to the International Tres Dias Conference in Latin America, where Don was the keynote speaker.

Don has a Master’s degree in Pastoral Studies. He has been married to his wife Linda for over 40 years, and they have two children and four grandchildren. In his spare time, Don enjoys playing trombone and can often be found winning matches at the local racquetball court.

Gary Feenstra

Director of Development
Lakeshore Pregnancy Centers
Flies Out Of:
Holland, MI

Sample Video

In 2011, after decades in academic administration, God led Gary Feenstra away from his award-winning role as Superintendent of Schools in Zeeland. A faithful supporter of the pro-life (more...) movement his entire life, Gary was thrilled when God opened doors for him to serve all four Lakeshore Pregnancy Centers as Director of Development.

Gary is a relatable speaker and an inspiring visionary. His resume is a testament to his remarkable record of diverse and in-demand leadership, especially among his West Michigan community. He served as Tulip Time Festival President, chaired the Holland Community Police Relations Commission, and was the president of Zeeland’s Chamber of Commerce—to name just a few.

Gary earned a Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Supervision from Michigan State University and has continued post-graduate studies ever since. He has faithfully served in his church for decades, leading youth groups, directing the choir, and telling stories through song for Children’s Bible Hour.

Gary beams with pride at talk of his family. His wife of nearly 40 years, Diane, is a retired award-winning teacher and coach. Their three children are grown and serving the Lord in medicine and aviation around the globe. Gary and Diane have six grandchildren.

The Exponential Group, parent company of The Great Turnaround, is grateful to have Gary take on an additional role as Director of Faculty for the National Speaking Team of The Great Turnaround!

John Grant, Jr.

Florida State Senator (retired)
Flies Out Of:
Tampa, FL

Sample Video

John Grant, Jr. has been practicing law in the Tampa Bay area since 1968 and has a long history of public service. He was appointed to the Graduate Fellow Board in the U.S. Department (more...) of Education by President Ronald Reagan, and has been twice appointed to the Florida Commission on Ethics, where he served as Vice Chairman.

John was elected to the Florida House of Representatives, where he served for seven years. He went on to serve an additional 14-year term in the Florida Senate. Since leaving public office, he has represented clients as an advocate to the United States Congress and the Florida Legislature. Most recently, he joined the Governor’s Faith Based and Community Advisory Council. He has also has served on the faculty of numerous academic institutions, including the U.S. Peace Corps.

In his local church, he is an ordained deacon and Bible fellowship teacher. He serves on the board of The American Bible Society and is chairman of America’s Board of the United Bible Societies. John frequently speaks and teaches in countries throughout Central and South America.


Countdown To Friday
The Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Money
The Bible as a Guide to Motivation and Ministry
The Issue Is Life

John currently practices law with his two sons, one of which was recently elected to the same seat in the Florida House of Representatives that John held 30 years ago. John and his wife, Beverley, have three children and eight grandchildren.

Susan Baldwin

Executive Director
Women's Resource Center of Mobile
Flies Out Of:
Mobile, AL

Susan Baldwin is a woman on the move. And so is the Women’s Resource Center of Mobile, where Susan has served as the Executive Director for over a decade. This Center, also known as Sav-A-Life Mobile, operates out of two medical centers (more...) in Southwest Alabama, offering free pregnancy tests to over 2,000 women each year—and sonograms for 100 women every month. Susan manages four full- and part-time sonographers and over 40 client advocates. That’s in addition to the organization’s 80 volunteers, 15 staff members, and a team of nearly 50 churches and 2,000 donors.

The Center isn’t the only place blessed with Susan’s passion for serving. She is actively involved in her church and has served as the Director of Children’s Ministry and the Journey to Wholeness Prayer team. Prayer is a passionate pursuit and an intrinsic part of Susan’s life and ministry. So it’s no surprise that Susan and her husband serve their church family and community by regularly opening their home for people who need prayer. After 45 years of marriage, they enjoy keeping up with four children and seven grandchildren.

Troy Fairley

Father, Coach, Vice President of Partnerships

Flies Out Of:
Orlando or Melbourne, FL

Troy joined Bruce Wilkinson Ministries in the summer of 2010. Since that time, he has worked closely with the ministry of Pregnancy Centers in an effort to maximize the success of their annual fundraising banquets and he has become an integral (more...) part of The Exponential Group. Troy combines over 20 years of experience in management, sales/networking, ministry, and coaching for the purpose of serving the vision and purposes of Bruce Wilkinson Ministries. He considers his position a privilege as he has enjoyed working with what he calls "the salt of the Earth' – Directors of PRC's. Troy currently resides in sunny south Florida where he enjoys life with his wife, Laura, and his two basketball loving boys, Luke and Jonathan.


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